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Careers Workshop

Kick Ass Careers Workshop

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Aristotle

**Guarantee: At the end of this workshop you WILL have all the info you need to make a career change. That’s it. Fact.**

Strictly limited to 6 people so you are guaranteed some individual attention where we can focus on your own dreams, fears and obstacles.

Is it for me?

If you are waiting for the day you have bags of time and money to spare, if you are waiting for the day you wake up magically overflowing with confidence, if you are waiting for the day when fear of the unknown, fear of failure magically evaporates well… no.

None of those things will happen until YOU decide to do something despite your fears.


• You’re struggling with the “What do I really want to do?” question
• You’re bored, stuck or trapped in your current job
• You have a nightmare boss and need out now!
• Need to earn more money
• Feel overwhelmed
• Lacking direction
• Hamstrung by endless procrastination
• Know you lack confidence

This workshop could be exactly what you need…

YOUR CAREER, YOUR GOALS DESERVE AN INVESTMENT IN YOU BY YOU. It may be time, it may be money, it’s probably a bit of both.

So stop lying to yourself that things will just get better on their own, ditch the procrastination, and commit doing things differently this time.

In this half day informal workshop you will learn:

• What drives you AKA your career Hot Buttons and Values
• Your Red Lines, the non negotiables you cannot compromise on
• The ideal working environment for you
• How to deal with the doubters and haters
• The power of social media to give you a massive head start in your search
• The crucial make or break ingredient 99% of people don’t do that almost guarantees failure

Armed with these insights, you’ll know how to set the right course to achieve the career that you want.

With just 6 people Kick Ass Careers Group gives everyone gets a chance to speak up, express themselves and get individual attention. It’ll be informal and we’ll have some fun without losing sight of the serious business of starting your journey to your Kick Ass Career.

If you want to be the first to hear about my next Kick Ass Careers Workshop (including early bird discounts) send me a short message and I will make sure you are top of the list!

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