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Coaching and mentoring for personal performance, personal change.

Hi, I’m Ian Hanreck, Accredited Professional Coach (with the Association for Coaches).

I’ve been a coach since 2003 after management roles in sales, marketing and operations in financial services and then the media/creative sector where i built teams from scratch. The aspect of all my jobs I most enjoyed was developing people.

Becoming a coach has allowed me to do that full time and so far I’ve helped countless clients make big changes for the better.

I believe it is important to put your career aims into the wider context of you overall values and life goals.  Too much careers ‘guidance’ in my view still doesn’t look beyond the job. My coaching falls into either CAREER TRANSITIONS, where you may be moving into a completely new organisation, sector or self employment (something close to my heart!), and CAREER DEVELOPMENT, where you are looking to make the next logical move up in your existing career.

Either may involve you moving into your first true Leadership role (ask about my 90 day Leadership Transition Coaching programme).

My style is informal, down to earth, yet direct (I will call out your B/S if needed) with a dose of humour and 100% geared to you taking the necessary action and providing accountability (so important) between sessions to move you towards your goals. Because new change is not built around talking about doing something. **Change is built on doing.**

This is important, coaching is not a talking shop. There is no navel gazing, or cheesy self help jargon (pet hate). Effective coaching should be 20% (tops) talking about doing and 80% actually doing it. All it requires is a commitment on your part to ditch old unhelpful ways of doing things and being prepared to try something new to get a better result than before.

I’m not the right coach for everyone but if you think I could be right for you call me, message me and lets talk. 




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