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Coaching Skills Training

Introducing Workplace Coaching*
Coaching is a powerful ongoing developmental tool that, when grounded in your organisation’s future culture, strategy and values can transform personal, team and organisational performance. Introducing coaching into the workplace is not a one size fits all solution. Nor is it an end in itself. But it can be done relatively quickly and relatively cheaply.

The main investment being a sustained and ongoing commitment of key people and resources to deliver on your expectations.

Questions for your organisation to consider:

  • What do we want coaching to achieve?
  • Have we got buy in from the top?
  • Is this about using basic coaching techniques or building a coaching culture?
  • How do we intend to introduce it to our workforce?
  • What will we do to make sure it isn’t viewed as the latest management flash in the pan?
  • How widespread do we want coaching to be?
  • Who are our high potential influencers?
  • How will we manage the change in culture?
  • How will we embed coaching?
  • What will success look like?

If you want to discuss how coaching could help your orgainsation and where and how to start introducing it contact me and let’s set up an initial meeting.

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*this is not a training course for aspiring full time coaches (although you may eventually want to go down that route once you’ve had a taste), it is a programme to teach coaching methods and how to introduce a coaching culture to an organisation

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