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Best Life Coach London – Choosing the Right Life Coach for You.

How do I find the best life coach?

There is no one answer to this question. A coach who may be the best career coach London based for one person could be a terrible choice of coach for the next person.

So the correct question is how do I find the best life coach for me? And, unless you know where to start, this can be just as confusing and complicated a question to answer.

Let’s start with some practicalities that should apply to all coaches.

What To Look For In A Professional Life Coach

Every professional life coach should have the following:

  • they should be accredited with one of the three coaching bodies: AC, ICF, EMCC*.
  • they should have professional indemnity insurance of at least £1 million.
  • they should have undertaken coaching specific training
  • and every coach should have a supervisor who is a coach qualified to support other coaches and help them grow and improve their coaching.

These are the basic professional requirements you should be looking for. If a coach doesn’t have these then it’s probably best to move on in your quest to find the best life coach for you.

Once you have established a coach is professionally qualified, finding the best life coach London based for you comes down to personal chemistry above all else. And the only way to find that out is to meet with several coaches (ideally face to face but at least Skype them); three should do it. Any more and it will get confusing!

So, the best life or career coach in Central London based for you will be a combination of professional qualifications, formal accreditation, plus the coach’s background, their previous coaching experience and successes… and personal connection.

Connecting With Your Life Coach Central London

Why is personal connection critical to effective coaching?

No holds barred honestly is at the core of great coaching.

You will naturally be more open and honest with a life coach Central London based that you feel comfortable talking to. Because it’s not really about being honest with your coach it’s about being honest – really truly honest – with yourself. Which can be challenging. We all lie or kid ourselves in small and not so small ways every day until they become part of our ‘story’. You need to get beyond your story to the core of you and what drives you. That is the foundation, the cornerstone, of great coaching that creates great outcomes.

Which is why I offer everyone a free face to face exploratory coaching meeting where we discuss you and the changes you want to make in detail and I can answer all your questions about me, what I do and how I do it.

The London Life Coach, The Best Life Coach London Wide

If, after we have met and the above criteria are met, and we want to work together, my aim is to be the best life coach for every one of my clients. And that might be you…. let’s meet and find out. You can arrange for your free no obligation Assessment session via the contacts page of my website at where you will also more information and dozens of client testimonials.

Or give me a call on 0208 986 9331 and we can discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

*AC: Association for Coaches

ICF: International Federation of Coaches

EMCC: European Mentoring and Coaching Council

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