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Life and Career Coaching

Life & Career Coaching* is about

  • Clarity on your future
  • Confidence to go after it
  • Feeling in control
  • Not accepting a bad boss
  • Managing conflict and your emotions
  • Action over procrastination
  • Reclaiming your time
  • Looking beyond the job to the life you want outside of work

*They go hand in hand, in 15 years I’ve rarely if ever addressed one without the other.

Life, Career, Executive coaching all have one thing in common.


Effective successful coaching is all about you, it’s coaching “the person” not the issue. Eg, instead of creating a pros and cons list to solve a difficult decision, asking what is it about this decision that is so hard for you? That question shines a spot light on you, your values; the things that drive your decision making. This in turn increases your self awareness which lies at the core of coaching.

A big part of raising your self awareness is being horribly honest with yourself. I bet somewhere you have created a ‘story’ in your head to justify why you are where you are today or why you shy way from doing certain tasks that you know you would benefit you in the long run. Because confidence issues are holding you back.

My job is bust through all that and help you build your confidence and make sure you stop procrastinating and start doing those tasks that really need to be done and will reward you as you move forward.

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