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Me & My Kick Ass Commitment To You


Coaching and support for personal performance, personal change.

Hi I’m Ian Hanreck, an Accredited Professional Coach. I’ve been a coach since 2003, much longer than most. Prior to training as a coach I had careers in financial services, marketing and the media/creative sector.

I’ve helped over 1000 clients – and counting – make big changes for the better whether that’s building self confidence, changing career direction, putting a rocket up their current career, regaining a better balance between work and their personal life or just feeling more in control day to day.

I help my clients be truly honest with themselves. Truly deeply honest. That’s not an easy place to be BUT being outside your comfort zone is where real, lasting, life changing change happens. My role is to support you through that process of change, to provide clarity on the options open to you and to provide accountability so you stop procrastinating and start taking action.

Change is built on doing. This is important, my coaching is not a talking shop. There is no navel gazing, or cheesy self help jargon (pet hate). My style is informal, down to earth, yet direct (I will call out your B/S if needed) with a dose of humour and 100% geared to you taking the necessary action essential to move you towards your goals.

Effective coaching should be 20% talking and 80% doing. All it requires is a commitment on your part to ditch old unhelpful ways of doing things and being prepared to try something new to get a better result than before.

My Kick Ass Commitment To You

I will:

  • Encourage, cajole, support and motivate
  • Kick your ass if I think you need it!
  • Help you bounce back from setbacks
  • Not let things get too serious

I will not:

  • Let you lie to yourself
  • Let you get sidetracked ‘by life’
  • Accept “I don’t have time”
  • Let you accept second best

I’m not the right coach for everyone but if you think I could be right for you call me, message me and lets talk. 

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