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Here’s what my clients are saying:

I was looking for quite some time before I found a business coach that would be the right fit, and I’m happy I chose Ian. Since we began the process, Ian helped me change habits and achieve targets I was sure would take me years accomplish, all in a matter of days or weeks. I gained confidence and started growing my client base right from our first meeting.

Ian makes it less daunting to get out of your comfort zone one step at a time, and his process shows real understanding of how business and marketing works.
I would recommend anyone who knows what they have to offer but don’t know how to make their clients realise it to give Ian a call.

Oliver Omer Kraus    Oliver Omer Kraus   Consulting CTO and Tech Adviser (June 2018)

I’m very happy to inform you that I have landed a fantastic job with Land Securities as Retail Consumer Insight Manager. This is very much down to your assistance and I am looking forward to starting at the beginning of July. Your help with assessing what I want from my next role, and the kind of work culture I am looking for has been invaluable so thanks a million. I turned down three other roles, all of which I would have all been tempted by until you helped me realise exactly what i want.

Thanks again.

Daisy Higgins, Customer Relationship Manager, LandSecurities (May 2017)


Ian helped me make a positive jump forward in many areas. I felt very motivated after each session and was able to clear the paths and make things happen. I have since recommended Ian to several friends and colleagues who also had a very positive outcome. Ian has a no BS approach and is very real and will challenge you in a positive way. At the time I was MD of an international nutrition business Juice Plus.

S O’Brien, Director, Bray Capital/ Board member, of several investee companies (April 2017)


Ian is a fantastic coach offering practical ideas with an approachable manner. He is an excellent listener who enables you to get to the heart of the topic you’re discussing and to draw out your true feelings. His wealth of experience makes him trustworthy and gives you the feeling that you’re in good hands.

During our sessions he offered very sensible advice and gave me positive, achievable projects to work on between sessions. I felt comfortable discussing many aspects of my life and career with Ian and found that our sessions flowed easily and always ended on a positive and empowering note.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, personable coach who will leave you feeling better-informed and up-beat about your life and career choices.

 –  Guy Kerr Community Coordinator at Jurassic Coast Trust

Ian helped me in boosting my confidence both in my personal and work life. This helped me tremendously to get where I am today as a person and in my career.

I definitely recommend his services. Thanks a lot!

Sandra Federighi
CFO at Stella McCartney


In the span of 6 sessions (not including the very insightful introductory free session!) I changed my hopeless career, improved my health and outlook, understood my priorities and boundaries, lost weight, grew much needed confidence and became more emotionally intelligent and more business savvy than I have ever been. To top it of I now know the secret to maintaining my new life. It certainly was not rocket science and it was not hardcore discipline that changed my lifestyle and choices.

For someone who has never changed much and accepted everything to be the way it is (the old me): the change life coaching brought to my life is immeasurable. Thanks Ian. 

– Natasha Yazdabad
Managing Director , IDTA

It is thanks to Ian that I have totally transformed my world. I am no longer stuck in a rut with my work and I now have clear goals firmly in sight and am continuously working towards them. Within 1 year my life will be totally different – I am going from being a dreamer to living the dream – relocating abroad and doing something I am interested in rather than ‘what pays the bills’.

Oh, and he is the best weight loss system I have come across – for the first time ever I am losing weight effortlessly and this has only happened since my coaching began.

None of this would have been possible without the guidance from Ian. So, Thank You Ian and I will send you a postcard from my new life!

– Angel Elharti
Executive Assistant

Ian was a great help to me. Coaching put some perspective back in to my life. Before, I had found difficulty in focusing but by using some simple tools I have improved this area in my life greatly. I also managed not to feel guilty when I’m not working therefore creating & enjoying more family time.

Coaching with Ian was a experience I would highly recommend to everyone.

– Deepak Kapoor

I approached Ian at a time when I was frustrated by the lack of progress in a number of areas in my life. I felt that I had all the pieces to the jigsaw of “the road ahead” in my mind, but had real difficulty in putting them together which stifled any possibility of action.

Working with Ian quickly changed this. He rapidly got to grips with where I was at and provided me with some simple frameworks to shape my thinking and coached me to build a “jigsaw” that was reflective of my values and goals in life. The next step was action and there has been a significant amount of it in a short period of time.

I have been fortunate to work with Ian as he used his experience and insight to get me to zero in on what I wanted from life holistically, which has deepened my understanding of the key things I need to focus on.

– Patrick Villinger
Management Consultant

Ian has been very effective in getting me focused on balancing my life and taking action in those key areas that get ignored due to the normal busy work/family life.

– Simon Bowler
Sales Director, Juice Plus

Ian is an outstanding life coach, who exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for active listening and empathy.

These qualities as well as his fantastic sense of humour translate in his ability to help his clients to identify their potential in order to get to where they aspire to be.

Chantal Manço
MBA Participant at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers


Working with Ian as my life coach helped me move from a place of ‘being stuck’. I contacted Ian because I had designed my business to a certain stage but could not get past it and move forward, due to fear in many forms
Ian helped me to move past that through his positive encouragement, down-to-earth and objective advice, his extensive network of contacts and knowledge of courses and agencies, and his very clear results-orientated goal-setting.

Each coaching session was enjoyable and supportive yet challenging and realistic at the same time; I would always hear what I needed to, to keep things moving.

I have no doubt that without Ian as my life coach I would be nowhere near the launch of my Business, which is now only 8 weeks away – thanks Ian!

– Liz McIntyre

Before being recommended to Ian I was lacking direction and belief in myself and was struggling to work out what I wanted from the key areas in my life. After only two months I found myself motivated with a clearer path to the goals I wanted to achieve. Three months after starting, I was achieving my objectives with direction in my professional, social and family life.I feel a lot more focussed and centred and friends have noticed the new positive attitude and confidence I have.

I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking to make changes and who wants rapid results.

– Sonya Patel
Membership Manager, Private Members Club

I originally contacted Ian to help me gain clarity on career issues. I was faced with so many options that it was difficult to make any decision and fear of making the wrong choice had caused a kind of decision paralysis.

After a few sessions with Ian it became clear that the choices I faced were not totally work dependant but were inter-related to other areas of my life. I had condensed many problems into one huge ‘work’ demon and it was working with Ian that helped me to separate out the issues and break them down into manageable and achievable tasks. He has helped me to accept that certain things in life are beyond my control and instead to focus on the areas I can do something about.

One major area of benefit of working with Ian has been my focusing on what is really important to me and the changes I need to make to reach my optimum.

In addition, Ian has helped me not to rush head first into situations/confrontation and to think and plan how issues should best be approached, not only helping me but those I work with!

– Zoe Tindall
Finance Director

Ian is a truly great coach. He really knows how to get under the skin of the issue/s and ask the key questions. Ian is fun to work with as well as being a trusted support. Over the years he has really helped me to think about what I want to do and where I am going in the longer term.

Thanks Ian!

Rachel Daniel
Career Coach, Aperture Coaching Ltd


I can’t believe how much happier I am now than when I met you earlier this year. Paul and I often talk about how different my life is from March/April time.

I think that since taking redundancy and having met you I’ve started to see life in a different perspective. I’ve realised that it doesn’t have to be stressful but it should be fun. Best of all I feel so much more confident in my decision making. I can only thank you again for helping to guide me to this point.

– Ali Norcott
IT Consultant


So many priorities, so little time to achieve any of them! Working with Ian allowed me to rapidly establish what was most important to me and, crucially, how to set about achieving it.
With the help of liberal doses of clarifying questions, common sense and devil’s advocacy, I was able not only to pin down my chief objectives and frame strategies for attaining them but also actually achieve my goals.

– Nick Ashwell
Economist & Senior Editor


I have been lucky enough to have been Coaching with Ian over the last 3 months. The sessions are relaxed and insightful, but above all useful and relevant. Having tried counselling in the past I had concerns that Coaching would be another ‘talking shop’. This fear proved unfounded as Ian’s Coaching style is firmly based on having me take concrete steps towards my goals between the sessions.

The end result is that I have been able to make changes in my family and working life which have made a real difference. Having said that the biggest change has been on my outlook, whereas before I felt trapped, my new found confidence has allowed me to take back control of my life from my boss!

So not only have I benefited but also my wife and family.

– MS, Communications Director


Ian inspired me to act on a whole range of issues – work, home and relationships – that had been lying around for a long time. Instead of continuing to mull things over and do nothing, as a result of Ian’s supportive feedback I started taking decisions.

After the first few, they became easier and now I look forward to taking the initiative in relationships regardless of the consequences. Ian also took a personal interest and always held in mind my long-term goals, helping where necessary to get me back on track. I now feel much more positive about these major areas of my life.

– JP, Senior Lecturer
University College London


When we first met I had no idea where my priorities lay. Yet within 2 sessions your relaxed yet professional & insightful attitude helped me work out what really mattered and to see a clear way forward for the first time.

– CB
IT Consultant, BAA


Ian’s coaching technique made me feel extremely comfortable and able to talk through issues. He gave guidance only when asked and without any undue pressure. The whole coaching experience proved very beneficial.

– SM
Facilities Manager, BAA


I was unsure quite what to expect going into my first session but by the end of it realised that, what I thought was a whole bunch of complicated issues, were all really straightforward, manageable and surprisingly easy to deal with.

– AT,
Writer & Musician


I found Ian’s coaching to be extremely effective in my life – so much so that since undertaking the coaching I have made major changes including getting a new job and moving house!

I would recommend him highly.

– SW
Sales Director, EMI


At first I wasn’t clear how life coaching could bring about change in my circumstances. I actually felt initially defensive towards the feedback that I received from Ian in our first session! We persevered together, and my initial doubts have been turned into positive results.

I have a sense of direction for my life, and planning for the future no longer brings me out in a cold sweat! Thank you Ian!

– GK
Director, Breast Cancer Care


The coaching sessions I had with Ian really allowed me to focus and become un-muddled. I had been struggling with balancing full-time work, part-time course and family commitments, everything had been ‘all too much’ to cope with.

Ian helped me to become more positive, confident and able to succeed. I highly recommend him! 

– DL
Marketing Manager, UCI


Working with Ian was like working with a new best friend. It was always a team effort and his enthusiasm and creativity enabled us to get a new spin on tired ideas and to really concentrate on what was important.

I would definitely work with him again.

Diana McDonnell


I went to see Ian when I first started to develop my company. He provided the ‘push’ through the last hurdle for which I am still grateful.

Everyone needs an Ian if they are hesitant. His work pushes you forward.

Pam Rowe
Leadership Development Programmes – Children and Adult Services


I started seeing Ian at a time when I was unclear what my future career direction should be and I was feeling that I was not reaching my potential in the job I was currently doing.

Ian gave me the space to step back from my current situation and evaluate my values and beliefs and then helped me clarify what it was that would most fulfil me personally in the future.

We then worked on a plan to achieve my career goals. Ian was supportive and objective throughout and within a surprisingly short space of time I moved to a new role, am much happier as a result, and have real clarity about my career path.

Tom Gulliver
Commerical Insight at Hovis


Working with Ian was my first experience of using a life coach. I reached out to him at a point when I was feeling trapped and like I had no clear options in my career. He really helped me work through my situation and make strong, empowered decisions about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.

I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone trying to manage a difficult work situation or change careers.

Sanyu Mugambwa
Public policy and Government Relations Specialist


I found Ian when I was considering a career change and feeling overwhelmed about the future road ahead, Ian helped me to set tangible goals and to conceptualize my desired outcome. He also gave me the accountability I sought. Where Ian excels is in his easy going, amiable and supportive manner.

I would have no problem using Ian’s coaching again.

Reena Kanji
Senior Manager


I worked with Ian in 2012. I was a stay at home mum and after 15 years working office jobs I was ready for a change. Together with Ian we discussed different avenues and looked into options. He helped me make a decision about learning towards a new qualification.

I found sessions with Ian helpful, professional and engaging and I would highly recommend working with him!

Iwona Helms
Freelance Chef at Sweet Time Berlin


I started seeing Ian at a time when I was unclear what my future career direction should be and I was feeling that I was not reaching my potential in the job I was currently doing. Ian gave me the space to step back from my current situation and evaluate my values and beliefs and then helped me clarify what it was that would most fulfil me personally in the future.

We then worked on a plan to achieve my career goals. Ian was supportive and objective throughout and within a surprisingly short space of time I moved to a new role, am much happier as a result, and have real clarity about my career path.

I highly recommend Ian’s services. His coaching skills gave me a brand new perspective and could not recommend more highly.

Peter Whitehead
Managing Director at PF Whitehead Logistics


When I began considering and pursuing a career change about a year and a half ago, I found the experience daunting and was unsure where to begin. It was then that I began working with Ian. In this time, he has been an invaluable resource and support.

Ian provided much needed structure to an otherwise overwhelming process, helping to define clear, small steps that amounted to big results. He ensured that I maintained momentum and focus in my efforts, and helped me to improve my approach when encountering the inevitable stumbling blocks along the way. Above all, he kept me accountable and honest about my true priorities and objectives while offering unbiased listening and advice.

Throughout my time working with Ian, he has been fully committed to enabling me to achieve my goals. He is responsive, engaging, and intuitive.

His flexibility and resourcefulness have made it possible for our working relationship to evolve over time, and our collaboration continues to be extremely valuable.

I recommend without reservation Ian’s services to anyone looking to make a meaningful professional change.

I highly recommend Ian’s services. His coaching skills gave me a brand new perspective and could not recommend more highly.

Joy Wiersum
Vice President at Boston Analytics


I worked with Ian a few years ago and I was looking at my options going forward for my career. Ian was an excellent coach, was always punctual for our meetings and gave me many ideas to think about and consider.

It was very useful talking to somebody outside the immediate business environment and Ian was an excellent sounding board as well as making some very pertinent and useful comments.

Michael Ashdown
VAT & Indirect Taxes Director at BDO


When I first hired Ian, I had never used the services of a life coach before. I was really surprised at how much I got from his sessions and his highly personable, targeted and knowledgeable techniques definitely brought the best out of me.

He is incredibly easy to talk to and he has a knack of putting people at ease immediately. He also gets results. A very good bloke that knows his stuff!

Rax Lakhani
Head of Social Media


I’ve been a client of Ian’s for several years now. I wanted to get an “outsider” and professional view how to further my career in London and how to best experience London from a personal level, as I moved here as an expat. Meetings with Ian have resulted in me taking stretch projects at work which have helped me get promoted several times over the past few years. Outside of work, I have been involved with book groups, acting classes and voice lessons that have widened my social circle outside of the City (all were areas Ian supported me in pursuing).

If you feel stuck in a rut, don’t complain to your friends at a pub every week, give Ian a shout :).

Stephanie Vincent, CFA
Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, Fixed Income Research


Ian helped me with the transition from working for a bank into setting up my own company to offer aviation financial services to the industry. Ian’s help was invaluable to me in this transition. He is calm, knowledgeable and reasoned. He allowed my ideas to flourish instead of pushing his own, but was relentless in helping me to think through what I needed to do if I were to achieve my goals and to ensure I did what I needed to do to progress towards those goals.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Ian to anyone seeking a career transition, but unsure how to get there.

If you feel stuck in a rut, don’t complain to your friends at a pub every week, give Ian a shout :).

Chris Leeds
Chief Executive Officer, Aviation Finance Solutions Limited


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