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Good Boss? 7 Is The Magic Number

7 short words to be precise. That’s the key to being a good boss.

It amazes me how many bosses are prepared to spend big money on leadership & management courses yet miss out the basics of being a good boss that cost zilch, can be applied immediately and require no skills whatsoever. Every week I have conversations with clients, and friends, about not being valued or appreciated at work.

Are you nodding right now?

BUT before you get carried away how many of you also have management responsibility?

Have you ever considered how your staff view you? What they say about you to their mates? Can you be sure you aren’t guilty of the same basic mistakes? Every workplace survey around the world of bosses comes up with one irrefutable fact… your staff DO have a lower opinion of your abilities than you do. Sorry, but it is fact.

So what are these magical mystical 7 words that can transform the view your staff have of you?
Please                          Well done                     Excellent job                Thank you.

That’s it. Not rocket science but amazingly lacking from many managers vocabulary. Why are these words so much more than good manners?

We all want to feel appreciated, we all want to feel valued, we all want to feel good about our abilities. We all want to feel validated!! These phrases feed directly into you (or your staff’s!) confidence and self esteem.

But what about if you are lucky to have a great boss? Who makes them feel valued. Who compliments them? Their boss? Let’s hope so but there no rule that says compliments must always be bestowed from above. Tell your boss you appreciate them, that you like working for them.


It’s a two way process. And its a valuable part of managing up. A much neglected but essential part of your career maintenance I might add.


That’s it, short ‘n’ sweet this week.


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