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I Don’t Have Time!

But I don’t have time! Yes. You. Do.

Think about today, you will never ever get today back again.

Pfff, tomorrow gone. Forever.

Now think about all the things you wan to do, see, achieve, be that you’ve put off to some ill defined time ‘in the future’.

What you don’s have is time TO WASTE. Dwell on the sentence for a moment… wasted time is a crime!

Every single one of us has used time, or rather the lack of it, as a reason not to do something. And the one thing every single oneof us from the richest person to the poorest person has is
exactly the same amount of time.

Some just use it to much better effect than others. The reality is ‘time’ not a reason, its an excuse. And a rubbish one at that.

Don’t believe me?

How many of us enjoy doing a big shop at the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon? Giving up a couple of hours of our precious weekend to battle with the crowds? Exactly.

So why do we do it? Because if we don’t then we are not going to eat for the next week.

Put simply the VALUE of going to the supermarket outweighs the STRESS of the experience. We do things we’d rather avoid every single day because we recognise there is a personal benefit to us.

For years I avoided doing any exercise. How could I possibly go to the gym even a couple of
times a week? A full time job, a social life, domestic chores to do, family to see. The list was endless. Besides, why would I need to exercise? I was in my twenties,healthy, could eat what I wanted without putting on weight

What I was really saying, and kidding myself in the process, was “I can’t see any value in doing this.”

But by my early thirties I wasn’t looking quite so trim. I didn’t like what I saw. Eventually I took the plunge and joined a gym. Guess what… I found the time to go two or three times a week. If I was meeting friends after work Id just meet them an hour later. Instead of lounging around reading the Sunday papers I’d get up a bit earlier and buy the papers on the way home from the gym.

All because the value of making the time was greater than the stress of my expanding waist line.

The other trap that eats up precious time is ‘habit’. Believe it or not I’ve coached a lot of people who come to me stressed out by all the hours they work that leaves no time for friends, family and the fun stuff in life. Yet when I question them about it there is nothing
preventing them reducing their hours.

Maybe there are busy periods at work but few jobs are like that 52 weeks of the year. They had just got into a routine that allowed for little else, which resulted in them working more hours to cover up the fact they didn’t really have anything to do outside of work.

A vicious and destructive cycle.


Simple. As. That.

Engrave that sentence on your mind and resolve to stop kidding yourself by banishing the time excuse from your vocabulary.

It’s not that you don’t have time, its that YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO WASTE!

So get to it.

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