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The Ten Tenets of Change

Let’s start the new year with The Golden Rules of Change. Print these off and put them somewhere you can see them every day.

  1. Most want to know their final destination before making a change and striking out on a new direction. Those people are ruled be fear and will never go far. Don’t be one of them. Be brave! Believe you are resourceful
  2. Change is not neat, it’s not tidy, it’s never linear. It’s messy, it’s wrong turns & dead ends. But those wrong turn are valuable and essential in create your road map to your goals.
  3. Computers, tablets, phones et al are great tools. They are also the best enablers of procrastination ever invented. If you really want to do your best work, best writing, best planning get off line. Get retro and use a good ol’fashioned pen and pad. No distractions.
  4. You will never have enough time. Ever. Accept it get over it then get on with it.
  5. You will never have enough money. Ever. Accept it get over it get on with it
  6. “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up & get to work.” Chuck Close, painter.
  7. A fast win to reduce stress? Stop using your brain as a storage device. It’s a great problem solving tool, probably the best invented. Get it out of your head & into a doc, notepad, app ANYTHING! Congratulations, you have just freed up a load of space for more important stuff.
  8. Multi tasking us a myth. Nobody can do more than 3 big tasks well & successfully to completion. So stop trying. Stop beating yourself up for not being good enough. You are.
  9. Motivation starts something. It is rarely enough on its owe to finish something. Habits get thing finished.
  10. STOP CONFUSING FEAR OF FAILURE WITH LEARNING. When were you ever good at something the first time you tried doing it?  Flunked your first interview in 5 years? That’s not failure it’s valuable practise. It’s trial and error. Failure is not putting what you learn into action.

Here’s to a wealthy healthy year full of change and new experiences!

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