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Goals That Get Results

If you’re still setting your goals for 2015 don’t set a Results based goal set an Action based goal.

The problem with results based goals is they don’t, well, deliver results (and if you miss your target the guilt and self loathing kick in). Changes in daily behaviours, changes to your actions DO create better outcomes.

So don’t say “I’m going to lose XX weight in a month, say “I will only have 1 have a bar of chocolate on Saturdays”.

Don’t say I’ll drink XX units a week, say “I will only drink when I’m out socialising”.

The other downside of a Results based goal is, even if you hit it, it’s tempting to move the goalposts further away.


You feel you could always do better, you’re always falling short, and it’s a constant battle with your will power. Will power is a type of mental stamina and, just like psychical stamina, you only have a certain amount to use up before you need to recharge the batteries.

The other key to achievement is to not get over ambitious. Notice I’ve only talked about A goal singular.

Focus on ONE SMALL change to your behaviour only. If you want to get to work 45 mins early in future, aim to get up 10 mins early to start and stick with 10 mins until it’s a habit. And only then go for 15 mins early. All change is hard. Don’t’ make it harder on yourself than it already is.


You do not need anyone’s permission for that except your own. You’re starting point should never be “Oh this is going to be hell”, it should be, “How can I make this easy on myself to start with?”. Focus on an action goal that let’s you build a new habit and I promise success will naturally follow in it’s wake.

Ian, the London Life Coach

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